Borrowing our Sony ICD-UX71 audio recorder

June 5, 2009 at 9:13 am | Posted in lecture recording | Leave a comment

I spent some time earlier this year looking around for a device that met our requirements for ad-hoc recording of lectures and meetings:

  1. easy to use, so tutors can record lectures with minimal effort
  2. low cost, so that Schools and individuals can afford them
  3. recording in MP3 format, so no file conversion or editing is required
  4. direct connection to a PC or Mac with no need to install special software
  5. decent sound quality and a choice of input options, such as tie-clip or desk mic
  6. rechargeable battery so it is always ‘ready for use’

There are some great devices  such as the Zoom H2 or the Eidirol R-09, but they are quite expensive, relatively complex and aimed at musicians, so in the end we went for a Sony ICD-UX71, available online for about £60. We also bought the matching Sony CS-10 tie-clip mic at £30 and ECM-F8 desk mic at £10.

If you are interested in borrowing this equipment to record a lecture or other event, please get in touch. The aim is to help you find out if the (minimal) effort required justifies the (low) cost involved – and to get some feedback from your students on the usefulness of your audio podcasts.


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