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On 20 August I attended the first public demonstration of the ePortfolio system being developed by an iSolutions team led by Alex Furr. The system will be piloted in the School of Psychology, starting this October. In essence is is a portal that provides access to existing systems, so the emphasis is on integration rather than duplication.  Further details and screenshots after the break:The system is still under development, so the following screenshots and descriptions should be viewed as a work in progress:

ePortfolio main screen

ePortfolio main screen

My Profile enables you to enter biographical and contact information, as well as adding tags about your interests (e.g. jazz or neuroscience). Clicking on a tag lists other people who have that tag, enables you to look at their profiles and encouraging communities of interest to form.

My Units will list all the units (modules) you are studying and will include links to module information, feedback from previous years etc.

My Portfolios will enable you to create collections of files you have uploaded, blog entries etc and make them visible to selected people (such as prospective employees). Each portfolio can have multiple pages, each of which can have multiple items from this list:

ePortfolio add item to page

ePortfolio add item to page

My Resume allows you to enter details of your education, employment and accreditation – and these can be incorporated in your portfolios.

My Assignments links to the online assignment submission system already used by Psychology, Medicine and Health Sciences. It allows students to submit assignments online and tutors to mark them online.

My Blog links to an individual blog for every user (powered by WordPress, like this one). The hope is that students will use it to keep a reflective journal of their learning and achievement.

My Files links to EdShare, the institutional repository for learning resources. Students will be able to create their own collections of resources, and (maybe) upload their own files.

My Surveys links to the iSurvey tool developed by Alex for use in Psychology – it is a fully-featured survey tool that can also be used for end-of-module feedback – and this may link to the My Units area.

My Ethics Forms links to another system developed by Alex for use in Psychology, this time to manage the requirement for their student projects to have ethical approval. This will have application in many other Schools.

I’ll post more information when I’ve had time to play around with the system some more.


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