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November 16, 2009 at 11:40 am | Posted in lecture recording | Leave a comment

I’m still working with iSolutions on a proposal to pilot lecture capture – possibly 5 rooms equipped with the Echo360 system. I wrote a short paper about the academic case for lecture capture to support the business case, and these are being submitted this week to hopefully get the funding required.

I came across this post about lecture capture by Steve Kolowich in the Inside Higher Ed blog – but it was the comments that I found more interesting. I think that one of the key issues is the need to clearly define the IPR issues and ensure that tutors feel they have control over their captured lectures:

  • That they can choose whether or not to have their lectures captured, so they may need to be persuaded of the educational benefits by sound arguments supported by research.
  • That they retain control over the recordings and can delete them from the server if they wish. It may be that they only see the recording being useful for this year’s cohort of students – and next year they will make a fresh recording of the live lecture. It may be that we set retention policies that mean that all recordings have an ‘expiry date’ set by the tutor (default = 1 year).
  • That the IPR of the recording is jointly shared by the University and the tutor, so if the tutor leaves (and has no objections) they can leave the recordings on the server.
  • That all recordings have a suitable Creative Commons Licence applied, possibly one that is quite restrictive (Attribution, No Derivative Works)

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