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Over the past two months I have been working with iSolutions to evaluate and select a system to pilot the use of an institutional lecture capture system. Because our specification was put out to tender under EU regulations I’ve not been able to blog about the systems we have evaluated – we have to avoid any accusations of bias. We have now chosen our system, so I am free to tell you that it is Panopto. It was interesting that this system was not on our original shortlist and only came to our notice through the tendering process, which shows that it is not just the inconvenience that it seemed to me initially (“why can’t we just buy what we want?”)

Provided the final contractual negotiations go smoothly we hope to have our pilot service up and running over the summer and ready for use by October. Our aim is to have 30 rooms enabled – a mix of large and small lecture rooms plus a few offices. If all goes well we have sufficient funds for a site licence in the second year.

There was a discussion recently on the ALT (Association for Learning Technology) mailing list about the benefits or otherwise of lecture capture  which rapidly turned into a debate about the value of lectures. The consensus seemed to be that lecture capture is only useful for lectures which mainly “deliver content” and is less useful for more interactive sessions. So does lecture capture reinforce outdated pedagogy – or is it an opportunity to “deliver content” in advance to free up time for more interactive lectures?

This question will one of the issues explored by the pilot project and I am keen to work with tutors across the University to make innovative use of the new system – so please get in touch if you are interested.


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