Panopto tutorial on offline recording

March 21, 2011 at 11:30 am | Posted in lecture recording | Leave a comment
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One of the pilot Panopto users encountered this worrying error message last week when she completed a recording:

All that had happened was that the wi-fi connection she used to log in and start a recording dropped, so the Recorder was unable to upload the files to the server. All we had to to do was close this error message by clicking Cancel, close the Panopto Recorder and upload the recording when she got back to her office.

This minor panic prompted me to produce another tutorial video that shows how to create recordings offline (i.e. where there is no internet access) and how to upload them later when you are online. Typical situations might include:

  • rooms without a network connection (or where it is broken, which happened to me last week);
  • rooms away from the University where there is no network, or you don’t have an account to access it;
  • field trips, boats and other remote locations.

This ability to create recordings offline is a really useful feature of Panopto and will enable the University to create ad-hoc recordings wherever it wishes. For example an academic giving a guest lecture at another University will be able to capture their talk and make it available to students here, or a researcher on a ship in the Arctic will be able to use a good quality webcam to show students what working in those conditions is really like.


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