Identifying sustainable strategies for the implementation of lecture capture technologies

March 23, 2011 at 4:22 pm | Posted in lecture recording | 2 Comments
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This is the title of a comprehensive report put together by Dr John Couperthwaite of the University of Birmingham. He was fortunate to gain some funding from the Universitas21 initiative which enabled him to visit and learn from Australian universities that have been using lecture capture for some years. He has used the insights gained to create a comprehensive list of recommendations for the introduction of an institutional lecture capture system, and it is interesting to compare these with the process adopted by Southampton. Overall, I feel our approach has been more exploratory and less prescriptive, as befits a pilot project as opposed to a strategic initiative, but I am reassured that we have considered and addressed the majority of the recommendations he lists.

The University of Birmingham Event Capture website can be compared with our own Panopto support website. Viewing their tutorial videos, two things struck me – first, how much I prefer narrated video to material produced using Adobe Captivate (the fake typing sound really annoys me) and secondly, how much easier the Panopto integration with Blackboard makes the whole process; Birmingham uses WebCT and so tutors need to manually copy-and-paste links from the Panopto server to WebCT items. They are also trialing Echo360, which does offer good integration with WebCT, so that may well clinch their final choice.



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  1. I was under the impression that the latest version of Panopto has the same intergration with WebCT / Angel as it does for standard Blackboard. Is that not true?

    • In which case they have either not implemented this yet at Birmingham, or their documentation needs updating. I’m sure that they need to test it to make sure it doesn’t break their VLE before implementing it, so it might just be delayed.

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