Content Curation for learning and teaching

August 29, 2012 at 2:54 pm | Posted in educational, useful links | Leave a comment

Robin Good lists ten reasons why he thinks that content curation will play a major role in the way that we educate ourselves in the future. By this he means a process by which groups of learners collaborate to locate, evaluate, select and organise relevant online resources as a learning activity for themselves and to create a resource which can guide other learners.

If we learn not by memorizing facts, but by collaborating with others in the creation of a meaningful collection-explanations of specific topics/issues/events then, for the first time in history, we can enrich planetary knowledge each time we take on a new learning task.

The ten reasons he lists revolve around the challenges that today’s information-rich environment pose to traditional post-compulsory education and the problems that people encounter when they use search engines such as Google to look for learning materials. It is an interesting read, especially if you follow the link to his Mindomo mind-map, which provides a guided tour with descriptive text, images, links and embedded YouTube videos. This zooms in and out in a way that is reminsicent of Prezi as you take the guided tour around the mindmap, and is a good example of curated content in itself.

I’m not sure that the radial structure of the mind-map is suitable for what is essentially a linear journey through the material, and I personally don’t like all the zooming around. In addition, you can’t leave the tour and pick it up where you left off; you are always taken right back to the beginning and have to follow every step. I’d like to see a system that provided more navigation for learners, so they can skip through for an overview and then return to any topic to explore in more detail. Maybe a graphical wiki is what is needed? (Quick Google search) Maybe something like Kerika?


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