A user guide for Common Learning Spaces

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I represent ILIaD on the Common Learning Spaces Working Group, and provide input on issues relating to technology in those rooms. It is interesting to consider how much technology there is in a modern lecture theatre; the lectern PC, data projector, visualiser, DVD player, microphones, connections for Ethernet, audio, VGA and HDMI video – and of course the touch-screen panel used to control all these devices.

We’ve been putting some thought into how we can help tutors get to grips with all of these; it seems that there is no training provided for new tutors and when I looked for documentation it was hard to find and out of date – no mention of HDMI for example. Over the summer I used WordPress to create a new website that aims to provide ‘just in time’ advice; it is accessed via the simple shortcut: go.soton.ac.uk/cls

Laminated A4 posters will be displayed by the lectern that give that link as well as the ServiceLine contact number for urgent problems. The posters have space so that simple issues such as “no black whiteboard marker” can be written down and fixed by the team of room checkers at the end of each day.

The CLSWG regularly reviews a list of the problems encountered by tutors in CLS rooms, and a troubleshooting section on the website aims to help tutors quickly fix simple problems themselves. Of course if the PC isn’t working they won’t be able to access the online advice, but then they need to phone ServiceLine anyhow!

Its important for ‘experts’ such as myself to remember that learning technology includes the common hardware that tutors use every day as well as the online systems we are more usually concerned with.


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