Meetoo – migration from Turning Point

The Library ended its Turning Point clicker (zapper) loan service at the end of June 2017, so if you used this you will need to find an alternative. The one we recommend is Meetoo, since it makes updating your slides simple and quick.

Step 1 is to set up your Meetoo institutional account.

Step 2 is to install the Meetoo PowerPoint add-in on your PC via the Additional Software icon.

Open a PowerPoint presentation that includes questions created using Turning Point.

  1. Find the first slide with a Turning Point question.
  2. Select the graph and delete it.
  3. If there are one or more Correct Answer indicators, select them and press Ctrl-X to Cut them
  4. Select any countdown timers, statistics or other Turning Point objects and press Del to Delete them
  5. Click Convert to Poll on the Meetoo ribbon
  6. For Multiple Response questions, select the number of responses allowed (default is 1)
  7. Click Add – Meetoo will create the new results bars.
  8. If your slide has other content you may need to resize and reposition the results bars.
  9. If you cut the Correct Answer indicators, press Ctrl-V to Paste them, then position them next to the correct answers.
  10. Move on to the next question slide and repeat.

All of the steps in blue are only required if you used Correct Answer indicators, countdown timers etc. For basic questions, the conversion process takes about 10 seconds per slide. If you used Turning Point for other question types (e.g. demographic comparisons) then Meetoo doesn’t support these – sorry. It does enable you to compare the results of two slides, however. If you really need that type of analysis then Mentimeter is a better alternative.



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