MeeToo – see also my more detailed review
overview MeeToo is designed as a business tool to support meetings and conferences, but provides some strong educational features. It provides excellent messaging features, basic but attractive polling and has a PowerPoint add-in that makes it easy to create and configure slides with polls.
tutor access Create account and log in to personal MeeToo URL.
student access Open app and enter meeting code (e.g. 121-284-301) or navigate to URL Students can enter their first/last name or choose to remain anonymous.
app? Yes; iOS and Android.
poll features Multiple choice and multiple response. Results can be shown as number of votes, % of votes, or both. Votes are shown live on the tutor’s screen, or there is a projector mode that just shows the question and answer choices, and only shows the results after polling is closed.
interaction features The tutor and all students can send messages if this feature is enabled. Students can click to ‘like’ messages. If modertaion is activated the tutor can control which messages are seen. A projector mode just shows selected messages and their likes.
data Download polling and message data as an Excel file. Worksheets show attendance, polling results, results by participants and messages.
extras Excellent integration with PowerPoint using free plug-in. Enables question slides to be created and formatted, and countdown timers and sounds added. Analysis slides can be used to compare or sum similar polls (e.g. before/after)
cost Free for up to 100 students, then £845 for up to 500 students/lecture and £1495 for up to 100 students/lecture. Note this is per lecturer – there is no site licence available.

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