overview Mentimeter provides an interesting range of question types that offer far more educational potential than basic multiple choice.
tutor access Create account (or use existing Facebook or Google account) and log in to
student access Navigate to URL and enter six-digit event code, or scan QR code
app? No
poll features Good range of question types; multiple choice, scales (rate statements 1-5), 100 points (prioritisation – distributed between choices) and dual-axis (rate choices on two scales). Open ended question accept answers up to 140 characters while shorter answers can be displayed as a Word cloud.

In presenter mode the tutor is in control, while survey mode allows users to progress through questions at their own pace. The presenter can hide/show the results, set a countdown timer, clear the results and re-poll any question.

Results are shown on-screen and dynamically update as voting proceeds.

interaction features Open-ended questions and Word Cloud enable some interaction, but the responses are not moderated.
data [£] Download polling data as an Excel file.
extras A PowerPoint plugin is available for Windows PowerPoint 2013, but can only be downloaded and installed if you have an Office 365 account. Note that this could only be used for teaching if you use your own laptop to present.
cost Free for unlimited participants with limited functionality (2 questions only).

Basic licence is $60/year while the Pro licence for $144/year can be shared with 3 colleagues.


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