Microsoft Bing Pulse

Microsoft Bing Pulse
overview Pulse is very different to any of the other systems listed, since although it offers multiple-choice polls and quizzes, the core feature is real-time voting by students to express their sentiment, for example “are you keeping up with this lecture?” or “do you agree with the speaker?” The tutor can see a live graph summarising their responses, and annotations can be added, e.g. “students confused by Napier equation example”. Students can be spilt into teams and each team’s ‘sentiment summary’ easily compared by the tutor.

Pulse is also designed to support conferences and live streamed video events, and can be used for research.

tutor access Create account (or use existing Microsoft or LinkedIn account) and log in to
student access Navigate to unique URL e.g.
app? No
poll features Polls are a single multiple choice text question with 2-4 answer choices. Students see live responses after they vote; the tutor sees a live summary of all votes by each team.

Quizzes have one or more multiple choice text questions, each with two or more answer choices and an optional single correct answer. If one question has a correct answer, every question in that quiz must also have one.

The results of quiz questions appear on the users’ devices.

interaction features Real-time voting of students’ sentiment. Can display messages posted to a Twitter account or hashtag, a Yammer group/user/topic or Facebook page.
data Download poll and voting data.
extras Integrates with Azure and Ustream commercial video streaming services.
cost Free

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