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Poll Everywhere www.polleverywhere.com
overview Poll Everywhere provides tutors with a good deal of control over the design and delivery of multi-question quizzes.

[£] This is one of the few systems that can record use by registered students, enabling it to be used for attendance registers and assessment if required.

[£] Tutors can restrict access to a poll to registered participants by sending an email invite which requires recipients to create an account (email address and password). Tutors can mark a multiple-choice response or clickable area as correct, show/hide the correct answer on screen, track participants and rank them according to their overall score on a group of polls. Reports that detail student performance can be viewed or downloaded.

tutor access Create account and log in via https://www.polleverywhere.com/
student access Navigate to URL http://pollev.com or open app and enter six-digit event code. If students create individual accounts then the system can be used to record their scores in formative tests or monitor attendance.
app? Yes, iOS and Android. The app remembers student logins and recent session, as well as easily accessible response history. For presenters the app can be used to create polls on-the-fly, moderates responses, manage the display of the results, and activate any poll already created.
poll features Multiple choice, short answer and clickable image questions. Ranking polls re-order response options to show 1st, 2nd and 3rd place etc. Text question stems can include symbols and equations using LaTeX. The clickable image option is unique; it enables multiple rectangular areas to be defined as well as the number of times they are clicked.

In presenter mode the tutor is in control, while survey mode allows users to progress through questions at their own pace. The presenter can hide/show the results, set a countdown timer, clear the results and re-poll any question.

Tutors can easily edit the colours and fonts used for each poll, and can save these as reusable templates.

interaction features Short answers can be displayed as a text wall, word cloud, cluster or ticker. A profanity filter is available but easily defeated, but responses can be manually moderated before being displayed.

Brainstorm polls enable participants to submit responses and then anonymously agree/disagree with them, so you can see which suggestions are most/least popular.

data [£] Reports can be viewed online and data can be downloaded as an Excel file.
extras Integration with PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides using plug-in which embeds PE web page in a slide. Can also be used to embed any other web page.

[£] Integration with Blackboard and Canvas Instructure to control access to polls and save polling data to the Grade Centre. This requires an institutional licence.

Students with old phones can vote using SMS text messages.

Responses can also be made via Twitter.

cost Free for up to 40 responses. Individual academic licence for up to 400 responses is $649/year. Annual site licence is around $3 per student.

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