overview ResponseWare enables students to use their mobile devices to participate in Turning Point polls, and can be used alongside handheld clickers. Turning Point polls are often created and delivered using the PowerPoint plug-in, which supports a good range of question types.

Voting is normally anonymous, but scores for individual students can be recorded provided a participant list is loaded before voting starts.

tutor access Create account and log in via Turning Point software.
student access Navigate to URL or open app and enter six-digit event code. If students create individual accounts then the system can be used to record their scores in formative tests or monitor attendance.
app? Yes; iOS and Android.
poll features Multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, short answer, priority ranking. Also some specialist options: pre-defined Likert and moment-by-moment sentiment (see also Microsoft Bing Pulse). Demographic questions enable the votes from one question to be ‘sliced’ e.g. compare how males and females voted, or how those who chose answer B for a previous question.

Wide range of team activities (leader boards, fastest responder etc.) but these require individual student accounts and participant lists.

interaction features n/a
data Download class data as an Excel file in various report formats.
extras Excellent integration with PowerPoint using plug-in.

Integrates with students who vote using clickers.

cost Around $13 per student per year.

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