overview is a conference/event support tool designed to facilitate interaction with the audience.
tutor access Create account and log in to
student access Navigate to and enter event #code
app? No
poll features Multiple choice, multiple response, star rating and open text. Results can be hidden or shown in real time on tutor’s display.
interaction features Students can submit questions/answers (anonymously or with name). Tutor can moderate and select which are displayed to all students. Responses displayed in ‘most liked’ order. Selected responses can be highlighted by tutor.

Students can tweet comments. Comments can be moderated and then displayed live.

data [£] All data can be downloaded as an Excel file.
extras [£] Live Slides (in beta) uses a desktop app to create a sequence of presentations, display them on students’ devices and allow them to bookmark key slides. They will later receive an email with those bookmarked slides. Likely to cost £599+VAT for a single event.
cost Free basic public event for 1000 participants with limited functionality.

Pro licence for one-week event is £199+VAT and offers many more features.

Educational tutor account is £59+VAT per year.


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