overview Socrative is designed to support in-class interaction and enables tutors to ask ad-hoc ‘quick questions’ as well as run pre-prepared quizzes.
tutor access Create account (or use existing Google account) and log in to or install and use app.
student access Navigate to URL or open app and enter six-digit event code and their surname and first name.
app? Yes, for tutor and students – iOS, Android or Chrome.
poll features Multiple choice, true/false and short answer questions. Questions can include an image and an explanation shown to students immediately after each question. Multiple choice and short answer questions can have one or more correct answers.

When quizzes are delivered, the tutor can randomise question/answer order, and disable feedback and/or student results if required.

interaction features Quick questions are multiple choice, true/false or short answer. The question and any answer options could be shown on a slide, written on the board or spoken. For short answer questions, the tutor can allow single or unlimited responses per student, and can require their name. Unwanted responses can be quickly deleted. Once responses are listed, the tutor can then get students to vote for their top choice.

Space Race makes it easy for the tutor to split the class into teams who then compete to see who can do best in the quiz selected.

An Exit poll asks students to enter their name and then answer three mandatory questions: “How well did you understand today’s material?” (4 point scale), “What did you learn in today’s class?” (short answer) and “Please answer the teacher’s question.” (short answer).

data Download class data as an Excel file, individual student reports as a PDF, and question reports as a PDF.
extras n/a
cost Free for up to a recommended maximum of 50 users.

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