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Websites come and go as institutional priorities change and educational support units are created, bloom for a brief period and then join the graveyard of discarded acronyms. I’ve created this list of useful TEL resources several times now; perhaps this new home will prove more resilient to the winds of change.

ePrimer series – five superb guides to e-learning from Ako Aotearoa University in New Zealand

Theory and Practice of Online Learning – An excellent book by Athabasca University (Canada’s Open University) – available free online as a 1.8 MB PDF file

Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and Technology – online book covering educational thory and strategies

Encylopedia of Educational Technology – short articles about specific topics

JISC e-learning project – lots of resources and case studies

Other TEL pages

Xerte Online Toolkit

Peer Review of Teamwork using eFolio



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