Lecture Capture – useful links, research and publications


Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Relay

Echo360 – plus a review in ALT-J

Panopto – this is the lecture capture system selected by the University of Southampton

opencast – an open-source lecture capture system


JISC Steeple project

This seems to be a technically-focused project whose vision is to investigate, develop and document sustainable institutional infrastructure to support university wide educational podcasting. Steeple also hopes to instigate a viable community around scalable, enterprise-level solutions suitable for the UK-HE sector in the areas of automated video/audio capture, video/audio processing, and video/audio delivery (“podcasting”).

ELTAC project – Echo360 at the University of Conventry

Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes – Special Interest Group

Echo360 at Bournemouth University

Studies and Reports

The Impact of Web-Based Lecture Technologies on Current and Future Practices in Learning and Teaching

KEY RESOURCE: A report from the Australian Learning & Teaching Council (April 2008) that looks beyond the technical issues to explore the educational impact and the views of staff and students.

Lecture webcasting

KEY RESOURCE: A useful overview by Ashley Deal of Carnegie Mellon University which summarises the findings from several formal evaluations.

Lectopia Resource Centre

KEY RESOURCE: Lectopia is now part of the Echo360 company, but this resource centre has an impressive collection of over 200 links to websites, articles, books, journal articles etc – all categorised for easier discovery (e.g. “pedagogy : lecture attendance”) Unfortunately the search doesn’t seem to work in IE6…

Academic papers

Audio and video podcasts of lectures for campus-based students: production and evaluation of student use. Copley, J.T.P. (2007)  Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 44, (4), 387-399.

Evidence and advice from the University of Southampton

Lecture capture: Making the most of face to face learning. Simon J. Davis, Anthea Connolly, Edmund Linfield. Engineering Education: Journal of the Higher Education Academy Engineering Subject Centre, Vol 4, No 2 (2009)

A really useful paper from the University of Leeds that includes a discussion of how students pause recordings while they re-attempt worked examples of calculations.

Recording Lectures and the Effect on Attendance

A paper that was presented at ALT-C in 2007 by Jo Williams and Michael Fardon of the University of Western Australia.

Pol-casting: The use of Podcasting in the teaching and learning of Politics and International Relations

A paper presented at the Higher Education Academy Annual Conference in 2008 by Jason Ralph, Naomi Head, Simon Lightfoot (University of Leeds) and Esther Jubb (Liverpool John Moores University)

Didactic Scenarios for an Effective Use of Weblectures

An initial report from a Dutch project that is exploring how lecture capture can faciliate active learning. It contaisn some useful ideas and guidleines – recommended.


One-day ALT conference (16 June 2011): Lecture Capture – doing it well and at scale

Panopto one-day conference at the University of Southampton (2 Nov 2011):


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